We love to hear back from our graduates about how they enjoyed our programs! If you have something to tell the world about how we did, let us know and we’ll gladly publish your testimonial for the program you graduated from. And if you want to know how other students have enjoyed our programs, just keep an eye here for testimonials from real students who graduated our programs.

Computerized Office Professional/Computerized Office Professional and Accounting/Bookkeeping


Dear Cal and Team,

I would like to thank the CVTC and the Work BC for the Administration Professional training I received at your training centre.

My learning journey has been spread out for many years and I have been happily surprised to learn of my office skills once completed. It isn’t just the Administrative Training, but it is also the realization that I love working in the office environment. I started out wanting the training because in this day and age, we all need office knowledge along with the computer skills for most work. There was a point where I felt like walking out and giving up. Thank you so much to Char, Kevin, Krissy at the front desk for your encouraging smile and friendliness, and especially to Ruth who never gave up on me until I realized my skills in the office environment. All led to a confidence that led me to approach the Raymond James for a work experience. I gave up my 2016 summer, which at first I didn’t like, to volunteer at the Raymond James office on Queensway. That summer turned out to be a turning point in my life. I met the “Best People” ever at Raymond James and the other businesses in the building. I still didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of the responsibilities of office work, but I am most grateful that Rebecca Sinclair and the team when they chose to call on me for short term employment while their most efficient Office Administrator/Great Teacher went on holidays.

I am now reviewing the Job Board and sending my resumes and cover letters with confidence to places that I may fit in with a team such as the CVTC and the Raymond James.

Best Regards,



My name is Lucille Ruth and I attended the Canadian Vocational Training Centre from November 14, 2016 to May 12, 2017, taking the Office Assistant with Bookkeeping program. 

I worked in an office environment for most of my adult life and the last 17 years at a rental equipment company.  I started as an Administrative assistant and worked my way up to Operations Manager.  In 2016, the company did a financial restructure and middle management (my job) was eliminated.  When I started applying for jobs I wasn’t even getting called for interviews.  Most of the employers were looking for certification and I didn’t have any.  I had learned on the job with no formal training.  I decided I needed to get some certification and was accepted into the Canadian Vocational training Centre.  I worked very hard and graduated with honors. 

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about working in an office.  I learned just how much I could do in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook that I didn’t even know existed before training.  Bookkeeping was amazing and I feel confident that I could do a set of books now. There were even parts of filing that I had no idea I was not doing properly and learned a lot of good organizational skills I will use in my next job.   I was taught how to do a proper resume and the power of doing targeted resumes.  I had no idea how important that really was and how important a proper cover letter is.  Interviews were also a very scary thought for me before.  I was taught how to actually prepare for an interview and how to prepare for the questions that would be asked of me in those interviews.  When I graduated and had my first interview I was not nervous because I was taught how to prepare and it felt good.  I was confident because I was taught the skills I needed to get the job, and do the job properly.  I am so thankful to everyone at Canadian Vocational Training Centre who taught me, mentored me and gave me the confidence to go out into the world with my head held high.  I am very proud to say that I have received a job offer from ICBC and will be starting in July.  Thank you again CVTC.

Lucille, 2017 Graduate of OA+Bookkeeping


I was in the banking industry for a very long time and thought that would be my career until I retired.  In 2015 I was suddenly without a job, which meant using EI. I also thought that I would have a very hard time gaining employment as even though I had banking and employment experience, it didn’t necessarily meet some skills and requirements for getting other types of employment.

I had the best opportunity in the spring of 2015, when I contacted WorkBC.

The WorkBC intake counselors, job coaches and staff had directed me to the opportunity of a life time where I could learn new skills, take courses, learn more personal and professional development and without their help I would not have been encouraged to see Cal Purcell at the Canadian Vocational Training Centre in Prince George.

My very first interview was with Cal the President of Canadian Vocational Training Centre.  I recall having a deep discussion with Cal to inquire on what I wanted and needed, not just from the Centre but from myself.

Cal helped me with the direction and the training that was designed for what I was looking for and then I became an adult student at the Canadian Vocational Training Centre. The philosophy of CVTC is Educate, Empower and Employ. 

In a little over 3 months I became a graduate with certificates of my accomplishments and I also was Educated in the career that I chose, I was Empowered to know life does not stop at a certain age, and I am Employable with experience and training.

I am full of gratitude to the Instructor / Instructors that I had helping me obtain my goals and were there every step of the way.  Their knowledge, professionalism and availability is second to none.

Since then, I am now part of the staff at Canadian Vocational Centre, and am experiencing a very big change in direction on which I thought I was going.

In short, the Canadian Vocational Training Centre and staff is not just a training institute, because not only teaches courses and training, it inspires a person to help obtain life and professional goals.

I know I have challenged myself, and with the help of CVTC, I have succeeded.  Thank You for my great opportunity.

-2016 Bookkeeping Graduate


Hi. My name is Debbie. I am retired after spending 43 years in Retail, doing what I must to support myself.

Two years ago I found myself feeling “out in left field”, feeling totally lost after being caught up in corporate downsizing in a major retail chain.

I went to WorkBC and with the help of a wonderful group of councillors who guided me through all the inevitable loopholes you have to jump through I came to CVTC.

I was welcomed in to a relaxed, friendly learning environment.

The instructors are friendly, very patient, very knowledgeable. The classes are small enough that if you need help the teachers can do one on one to help you.

The learning environment is relaxed yet professional. I was never made to feel redundant as I’m in my early 60s, and school learning is a long forgotten skill.

During your course you are never alone as the teachers are there to guide you through every step of your education. With this help you can refocus and renew and learn what you need to reenter the workforce.

Whether just starting your career or scaling down to retirement-CVTC is the place to be.

Cal, Wanda and the staff at CVTC make the experience of learning something very enjoyable. Remember, the only stress you have is what you put on yourself.

-Debbie Hansen, COP graduate, 2015


October of 2015, I graduated from the CVTC’s Computerized Office Professional Program.

From day 1, I was excited to be there; and saddened when it came time to leave-graduation day. The program provided me with necessary skills upgrading and certificates; but, more importantly, the staff of CVTC supported my learning and success throughout the program-and beyond. Post-graduation, I continue to feel a sense of belonging and the welcome of an always open door. With the skills and competence I achieved at CVTC, I was able to create an attention-getting resume, get the subsequent interview and be offered a job that I truly wanted and could be happy in.

Important as the learning skills and certificate portion of the program are, CVTC fosters an environment of mentoring; it encourages the development of interpersonal skills and co-operation that are so essential to workplace success. Additionally, and most valuable to myself, the programme helps to establish routine and responsibility. Having spent some years in a job-share situation, a few years working on-call, twenty years in ever changing shifts, erratic patterns of days off and all that implies, the regular schedule assisted me in establishing much needed routine in my life. (Routine that had been absent in excess of 2 decades). It enabled my seamless transition to a regular work schedule.

I am grateful for the time spent there, all that I achieved, and the supportive atmosphere and the friends that I made. Thank you CVTC!

                -Janice S., 2015


I want to share with you my experiences during the past 23 weeks in the Office Assistance Course plus Bookkeeping.

At my age, still 29, 😉  I never in a million years thought I would return to school.  Well here I am, on my final day of class at CVTC. I’m excited, proud of myself, and saddened at the same time. My first day here at CVTC, I was entering into manual bookkeeping for 4 weeks with Cal as my instructor. From day 1, I felt at home. Coming to class every day, I was always greeted by friendly, encouraging and smiling staff. I knew there would be no obstacles to stand in my way to my succeeding other than myself. I have learned so much during the course of my studies, not just academically but as a person. Well I’m proud to say that I have already gained employment which I will certainly be able to use everything that you, CVTC and staff, have been able to provide me with.

Today is bitter sweet as I bid you all the biggest Thank You! I will certainly stop in from time to time, to visit, say hello and chat. I take with me your friendship, smiles and knowledge.

-Lisa, 2015

‘Dear Cal:

I would first like to start by saying thank-you for giving me the opportunity to attend the Canadian Vocational Training Centre. I really enjoyed my time at the school and I definitely learned a lot. I would also like to thank all of the staff who were always so knowledgeable and helpful whenever I needed anything. You were all so kind to me and were there to given an encouraging word whenever I would start to doubt myself. When I first started in January, I didn’t know if I could achieve the goals I had set for myself. I wanted to get A’s in all of my classes and I wanted to get all four of my Microsoft certifications. I’m proud to say that with a lot of hard work and determination, I achieved those goals.

I believe so much in what you are doing at C.V.T.C. You are giving people from all walks of life an opportunity to get an education and better themselves. It is a service that is greatly needed in Prince George and you are helping so many people. You are providing an alternative to the traditional learning environment that really focuses on practical skills and knowledge that I think a lot of people are looking for. You always put your students first and go above and beyond to help them all succeed. That is not always the case at other institutions and as a former student, I can tell you it makes a huge difference.

I have been thinking for some time now about just how much I love the learning environment. I really felt as though I was in my element during my time at the centre. I loved learning new things, but more than that, I was so happy when I saw others succeed and achieve their goals. I’ve never quite had the courage to speak up and say what I was feeling; however, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” right? I know that you understand that there were some bumps in the road during some of our classes. It was during those times that I believe I was able to step up to the plate and demonstrate an ability to help others in a way that was both kind and genuine. Through speaking with others, I’ve come to realize that my classmates thought of me as the person they could always turn to for help. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.’

-Bridget, 2015

‘After working at the same job for many years, I found myself out of work when the company closed down. I felt I needed to upgrade my computer skills to be able to compete in the ever changing job market.

‘I attended classes at CVTC for almost six months in the Office Assistant and Bookkeeping programs. It was a very rewarding experience. The friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome. The staff and Instructors are extremely patient and helpful to all students. It was a pleasure to come to class every day.’

-Ruth, 2015

Cooking Up Jobs

I took the Cooking Up Jobs course October 2017 to February 2017. This course taught me valuable cooing skills, knife skills, and how to handle kitchen utensils properly. I use these skills every day at my job as a chef’s assistant working for Central Interior Catering and Consulting.

I am thankful for Paul for teaching me these skills, and for the opportunity to have taken this course through WorkBC and CVTC.

I am grateful to WorkBC for additional confidence building workshops and my case worker Vienna for helping me find this new job.

I look forward to a brighter future with gratitude for these skills and the people who assisted my personal growth in this direction.

-Jared, 2017


Since I have been going to Kickstart, it’s been really fun. I learned a lot. I learned to be more punctual, multitask, and especially how to be a team player. I learned how to use computers way better and how to do job searches. I know how to do a resume and cover later way better. I learned way more about math which I am not very good at, but actually I enjoyed some of it. Kickstart is honestly a really good course; I enjoyed it. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but as soon as I met Kevin, Cal, and Wanda and all my classmates, I thought they were all wonderful people. I kind of wish it was longer than ten weeks! So I’m just saying, if anyone thinking of Kickstart, from my opinion, take it, it’s an awesome course and you will love it and there’s great people at CVTC.

Elisha, Graduate 2016


To the exceptional team at Canadian Vocational Training Center,


Hello, my name is David Ford and this is my testimonial. I am a recent graduate of the Kick Start program and I just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed the course, not to mention how courteous and helpful the staff are.

I honestly have bettered myself since starting my program here at the CVTC, and am excited to put all my newly acquired skills and knowledge to pursue a path to success in the workforce. The warm, friendly atmosphere that envelopes you the second you walk through the door is an amazing feeling. From the warm smile and greeting from Krissy when you walk in, to the respect every individual is given is what I believe makes the Canadian Vocational Training Center a wonderful environment to succeed and increase your knowledge, regardless of what course you may be enrolled in.

I have been fortunate to get a second chance to complete the Kick Start program. My first attempt didn’t go so well, but with a little encouragement from Cal and a few others, I managed to get another chance to go through the program. I can honestly say that throughout the past ten weeks I have surpassed even what I thought I was capable of. With the support of every faculty member (who make the center feel like a big family) I have learned many new skills that I am looking forward to using in the workforce.

I am very proud to say I went to the Canadian Vocational Training Center, and graduated! With the exceptional support and expertise from the wonderful people that work here, I surpassed my own expectations in the course. Each instructor here at the CVTC are always willing to help with any blocks you may stumble across along the way. They take the time to find the best way to teach you, not just try to force everything on you and expect you to understand. I found the way the instructors here take that time to break it down an amazing way for not only myself to learn, but I think it will benefit anyone who comes to the center.

In the ten weeks I was a student at the center, I have learned more than I had expected. The subject matter was very straight forward, and to the point. Everyone was encouraged to take part in class discussions, if not generate discussions about the current subject. The way the instructors allow students to share thoughts and ideas is what makes this center an excellent place to be educated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimonial.


David Ford

-David, Graduate 2016


My name is Geraldine Rusk. I am 62 years old. I came to CVTC on July 20, 2015; I was very nervous, scared. But I went to school here and at first was very leery about being here. I was very shy and had anxiety attacks. But when the anxiety attacks took place, I would go outside and take 5 minutes for me to calm down.

The first week was the hardest for me, meeting new people and different teachers. Everyone was awesome. They helped me when I needed help.

I have been here for ten weeks. And like I said, it was scary, but guess what: no need to be scared.

In the ten weeks I have learned a lot: computers, resumes, cover letters, math, different exercises. We had tests to do at the end of each chapter. But I got all of the lessons done.

I really enjoy this class and had lots of help from all the teacher. Every morning I would be greeted by Krissy with her beautiful smile.

-Geraldine, 2015

Hello, my name is Daniel Bryze. This is my testimonial.

When I first started with Work B.C., the staff helped me get started. I was basically closed off from retaining employment. My worker Kim, bless her heart, asked me if I would like to go back to school. Although I have not been in school for over thirty years, I decided to give it a shot.

When I first entered CVTC the staff treated everyone with dignity and respect. The course outline was explained to everyone in detail. As we started the courses it was knowledgeable and exciting.

I have received three tickets for employment.

Also I would like to thank all of the staff and teachers at CVTC for all their hard work in getting me back into the work force.

I now have a full time position at a job I enjoy doing.

Special thanks to Cal, Wanda, Ruth, Kevin, Krissy and everyone else that I forgot your names (sorry).

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Bryze

-Daniel, 2015

I have worked in customer service for over 25 years. I was starting to think that great service was a thing of the past. This was until I started the Kickstart program at Canadian Vocational Training Centre. The teachers and staff get it, that to be great at something takes work. I loved my classes so much that I now work here showing others that great service comes not by accident but with hard work every day.

Thanks Canadian Vocational Training Centre for keeping the dream of people caring for people alive

            -Kevin, 2014

The things I got out of the Kickstart program were for the most part intangible. I got a feeling of purpose, because people expected me to show up. I got confirmation that the knowledge I have was correct. I got a sense of fulfillment, from trying for certificates and actually achieving them. Mostly I got a feeling of family, that people could rely on me and I could rely on others.
The thing I loved most about the Kickstart program was the discussions. The feeling that the things I believe, not only were correct, but were believed and understood by others. The other side of discussions were also good because it gave me an opportunity to see other views and test my theories to find out if I was wrong. The program didn’t change my life, but it enhanced my skills and attitude. For that I am grateful.

-Adam, 2014

START Hospitality Training

“Early this year, I came to the realization that my initial chosen career path would never allow me to become self-sufficient in any reasonable or even foreseeable time frame. After taking a couple of career path courses over at WorkBC, I came to the realization that I could, in fact, see myself going into the hospitality sector. My case workers there all kept pointing me towards the START Hospitality training program at the Canadian Vocational Training Center as a result. After what is best described as a whirlwind application process, since the course was starting very soon at that point, and for which I am eternally grateful both to all the people at WorkBC and at CVTC for getting all of the paperwork done in time, I was accepted into that course.

                The course was a rather enjoyable eleven weeks, covering not only the hospitality course material, but also a collection of other very useful skills. I found the coursework very straightforward and more than enough to prepare for the certification tests that were to follow. It was a touch unfortunate that my class only consisted of three students, including myself, but there was still plenty of discussion and collaboration amongst us, rather than just being a strict book-learning course.

                After all the coursework was complete, I walked out of CVTC with not only an Honours rating on my START certification test, but also updated FoodSafe, Serving It Right, WHMIS, and WorldHost tickets. I also, on my own time, took the opportunity to take and pass the Microsoft Word 2010 Specialist exam and I was told I may well have been the first male student to have done so at CVTC.

                And as the final touch, just over two months after graduating from the START course, I landed a full-time job as a Night Auditor and Front Desk Clerk at Grama’s Inn here in Prince George. All that training has been proving quite useful at my new workplace.

                I want to throw out a special thank-you to both Cal, for accepting me into the program; and to Kevin for helping me through some of that government paperwork during the application process. I admit that I might have chickened out on making those phone calls if I’d been doing that stuff at home… and then where would I be? Still stuck on social assistance with no real hope of getting off of it; instead of how I am now, essentially just waiting for social assistance to formally say I’m done needing them.”

-George, 2016


“I found that the Room Keys and START program was very informative and very helpful for me. I liked the instructors at the CVTC and they were very helpful during the program. They were always there for their students.

“The CVTC staff have been very helpful since I graduated from the START program in May. They have helped me develop my resume and cover letters for jobs in the hospitality industry and have given me great advice on how to do a resume and cover letter for each job.

“The only thing I would like changed is that everyone in the Room Keys program, including those in the START, would get the six week work experience because that would help a lot to get the experience that you need for the jobs in the hospitality industry.

“The staff at WorkBC were very helpful in getting the funding and helping fill out the forms that were needed for the funding. They are very helpful in trying to help me find a job. They are very informative about programs that I am eligible for and helping me get them.”

-Veryalyn, 2015

Light Warehouse Training Program

Dear Calvin Purcell,

I would like to take this chance to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this school.

I would like to add a thank you to your CVTC staff members for helping me get back on track and get back into the work force. I look up to you as my mentor and I enjoyed coming to school every morning; the training centre has excellent teaching staff.

Meeting new people and learning new skills for the future now gives me more opportunity to find a job faster. I have learned so much from the CVTC staff and now I know what to do and how to get there.

Thanks to you as well for everything Mr. Purcell, you’re an awesome president of CVTC. You have the skills and training for inspiring people, giving them a chance to push them to step up and not waste time with their Life. I wish to take another program as soon as this course ends.

This training center is well organized, planned out perfectly for each student to learn better skills and experience for any job. To add: Kevin is one of my best teachers I have had by far. He has understood my issues and my learning abilities. I am inspired by you and Kevin and your teaching staff that gave me a good impression on my life and pushed me to be a better person. I believe once I reenter the work force knowing these skills, it will be a benefit to my life and I will use it to inspire others.



-Aaron, 2016

Traffic Control Professional

My name is Fawn and up until earlier this year, I was a stay at home mom of three.

As it happens with many families, there came a point that I had to get a job to help out with everyday expenses.

I was told about CVTC and made an appointment that day to meet with Cal and enrolled in the Traffic Control Professional course. I now have my TCP ticket as well as a few others that help me with my new job.

I highly recommend going and checking out the Canadian Vocational Training Centre and the courses that they offer. Cal and the rest of the great staff at CVTC are amazing. They give you a chance at a better life if you’re willing to take it. You won’t be disappointed.

-Fawn Specht, 2016

Employed as a TCP with Alliance Traffic Group

Dear C.V.T.C.

Just a short note of appreciation to let you know, I really enjoy being part of C.V.T.C.’s training program. I appreciate the staff are persistent and passionate in making it so all the students, feel appreciated and learn. Your employees are very polite and professional, and even with their busy daily schedule they find time to help us. Their experience and knowledge on various topics is vast and has been very helpful. I would like to voice my pleasure with the above average professionalism shown. I want C.V.T.C to be aware of the excellent work being done.

In closing, I would like to note that your material is well planned and organized. I was told in advance what to do and what to expect. Again, I reiterate my sincere thanks and appreciation, specifically to, Charlene, for her excellent teaching skills. If any of my friends or family is or becomes in need some training, you will be highly recommended.

-Darlene, 2016