Five Common Ways to Sabotage Your Hiring Chances

For many job seekers, the process of resumes, interviews, and hiring can seem opaque and murky. Why is it that some people get hired immediately and easily while others struggle from interview to interview, or worse, never get the interview at all? This leads to a lot of frustration on the part of the hopeful […]

Getting the Job you (Didn’t) Train For

It’s a nasty little secret that many people have: they did their college, university, or trades training and discovered along the way that the job they were training for turned out to not be the job they wanted. This could be because the internship, practicum, or job placement they did turned out to be a […]

Why It’s Important to Mourn Your Old Job

Job hunting is extremely stressful for most people, even the most optimistic among us. In essence, you are constantly putting yourself out there to be judged by others, with the added layer that if no one judges you ‘worthy’, you are out paychecks with a shrinking budget and savings account. The worry about money, skills […]

Top Soft and Hard Skills of 2019

We are now half-way through 2019 (or just about) and with summer just around the bend and a new school season starting soon after that, it’s never too late to upgrade and hone your employability skills. After all, “stop learning, start dying” (paraphrased and attributed to Albert Einstein). So, what are/were the top skills of […]

The Importance of Defining Achievement in Switching Careers

We have and are in the middle of a career revolution wherein more people are jumping jobs, taking on contract gigs (as opposed to the forty hour a week standard that prevailed in the mid twentieth century) and generally having a more varied resume. But the mentality around careers hasn’t quite caught up with this […]

Generation Z in the Workplace

Generation Z are those people defined as being born between 1995 (roughly) and the mid 2000s. This means that the first wave of Gen Z is just about to or has just hit employment. (Those born in 1995 are now 24 years of age, meaning that they have either been in the workforce for at […]

Why the Soft Skills Matter

We are coming to an age now where it seems that automation and computers will take over much of what used to be employment opportunities, particularly in the areas of labor, agriculture, mining, and even retail, at least to some extent. This fundamental shift in the way we work has caused ripple effects in many […]

When Solitude is the Best Thing for Your Job

In a world of inter-connectivity and collaboration, it seems like solitude has not only been pushed out, but is actively hunted down and pulled apart in many industries! When looking for work, many job seekers see the repetition of people skills: teamwork, able to work well with others, values collaboration… etc. Furthermore, we still see […]

The Trouble With Multitasking

The ability to multitask is celebrated by businesses and by people, but it’s not all that it’s cut out to be. Research into how the human brain works finds that we don’t actually multitask (in the sense that we can do many things at the same time or think of many things at the same […]

Five Easy Things You Can Do to Help You Succeed

We may not always be happy over the success of others, but there is something to be gained from watching how the success stories build up and then maintain their narrative! So what are some simple things you can do every day to help you focus your mind, find more success, and achieve better balance […]