The Social Benefits of Vocational Training

When looking at doing a vocational training program such as light warehouse or special education teacher’s assistant, many people focus their attention on the education aspect: the certification or diploma, the amount of homework, the quality of the instruction, practicums, and so on. These things are undoubtedly quite important – after all, if the quality […]

Writing a Resume as a Homemaker

One of the unintentional things which may come out of this pandemic is the fact that for several months (or longer), many people will find themselves out of a job and bounced into the role of homemaker. And for those who have already been in that role for a while, the pandemic has meant that […]

Searching for Work in the Era of Covid-19

The novel Corornavirus has upended much of the way that we has a community do things. Businesses have shut their doors (unfortunately, many of them for good), online shopping has hit an all time high, and ordering delivery is becoming the norm for those who can afford it. It’s hit the job market hard too, […]

In Celebration of the Connected Classroom

Restrictions due to Covid-19 may be loosening in the province, but there is still the looming worry and outright fear of new outbreaks or simply the fact that people are still getting sick, just at a level that is more manageable for healthcare professionals. This has led many businesses to reopen with strict rules for […]

Announcing our Soft Reopening!

We have some great news for everyone! On May 19, CVTC will be doing a ‘soft reopening’, meaning that we will slowly begin doing face-to-face classes. The structure of running classes face to face has always been very important to us. We recognize that most of our students do far better with the structure of […]

Covid-19 Update: April 15

It’s been a couple of weeks, but we have some news on the financial supports that are being brought in and some news in general about what’s going on around the province and Canada. First, the numbers: -There are 28,379 confirmed and presumptive cases in Canada with 1,010 deaths and 8,624 recovered -BC has 1561 […]

April 2-Covid 19 Update

There have been some developments over the last few days in regards to supports for people who are impacted by the Covid-19 virus, as well as some general information about the numbers of ill, recovered, and dead. Update on Financial Supports. The Application portal for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefits opens April 6. In order […]

March 30 Covid-19 Update

Over the weekend, we saw the announcement of some new supports for seniors and children, as well as a boost to the wage subsidy for small to medium businesses up from 10% to 75% subsidy, so long as businesses show that the subsidy is going straight towards keeping their employees on payroll during the crisis. […]

March 26-Covid 19 Update

Today, we saw a few pieces of news. President Trump is pushing to put a military presence on the border between Canada and the US to stop people from Canada from crossing to the US. Prime Minister Trudeau fought back against that, stating that it was unnecessary. President Trump wants to ‘open the country’ by […]

March 25-Covid 19 Update

Today was a busy day as a major bill passed the Canadian legislation to come to law as of today and BC passed more legislation designed to aid people in distress with their rent. Here’s what we are looking at for assistance: Canada Passes Relief Aid Bill Today, the parliament passed the bill that would […]