Is Fear of Success Holding You Back?

Is Fear of Success Shackling You Down? Acheivemephobia. At first glance, it’s a very odd word and when you dig deeper it’s an even odder concept. Acheivemephobia is exactly what it sounds like: a phobia of achievement, a fear of success. It sounds completely counterintuitive; after all, we want to succeed in life, don’t we? […]

Getting Professional Clothing for Cheap

Getting new clothing for work, particularly when you’re starting over again, is not easy. But without the new clothing, getting the job you need to get the money you need to get the clothes you want is extremely difficult! It’s very much a catch-22 and one that can cause no small amount of discouragement for […]

Age Is Not a Barrier to Education

In June of 2015, a woman was awarded a PhD for her work on diphtheria which when she wrote the original thesis would have been ground-breaking. Unfortunately, the time she wrote the paper was in 1937 and her mother was Jewish-in a time and place where Jewish people were being denied access to just about […]

START Program Training Begins

START (Skills, Tasks And Results Training) is a tourism and customer service rich program that trains students in the skills they need to work in a wide variety of hospitality sectors such as restaurants and hotels. We offer the START program on a periodic basis with our next program starting August 17, 2015! In START, […]

Why We Need More Vocational Training

    In classrooms across the United States and Canada, teenagers and teachers alike are told to focus on the big indicators of academic success: Mathematics, Writing, Reading, and Sciences. Without good grades in things such as English, Mathematics, a Science and the high test scores to prove it, students and teachers are warned that […]

Light Warehouse Training

There are a number of businesses in town which make use of warehouses and require trained workers who can do things like handle forklifts, handle spreadsheets, run basic warehouse operations and other such tasks. Unfortunately, finding skilled workers in this field can be difficult, so it is with great pleasure that the Canadian Vocational Training […]

Computer Essentials

9:00-3:30 for two days. In today’s world, computer literacy is a foundational skill where it was once a specialty of an elite few. Computers have opened up the world for users all over the globe and in today’s workplace, it’s practically a given that all employees will have a working knowledge of the computer. Without […]