Why the Soft Skills Matter

We are coming to an age now where it seems that automation and computers will take over much of what used to be employment opportunities, particularly in the areas of labor, agriculture, mining, and even retail, at least to some extent. This fundamental shift in the way we work has caused ripple effects in many […]

When Solitude is the Best Thing for Your Job

In a world of inter-connectivity and collaboration, it seems like solitude has not only been pushed out, but is actively hunted down and pulled apart in many industries! When looking for work, many job seekers see the repetition of people skills: teamwork, able to work well with others, values collaboration… etc. Furthermore, we still see […]

The Trouble With Multitasking

The ability to multitask is celebrated by businesses and by people, but it’s not all that it’s cut out to be. Research into how the human brain works finds that we don’t actually multitask (in the sense that we can do many things at the same time or think of many things at the same […]

Five Easy Things You Can Do to Help You Succeed

We may not always be happy over the success of others, but there is something to be gained from watching how the success stories build up and then maintain their narrative! So what are some simple things you can do every day to help you focus your mind, find more success, and achieve better balance […]

Mastering Your Story in the Interview

Although we may not realize it, the interviewee has an advantage in the interview process. Presumably, you, as the interviewee, have researched your chosen company: mission statement, purpose, competition, problems they have faced, and what is coming up in the future. But the interviewer knows very little about you, save for whatever you put on […]

The Benefits of Attending a Job Fair

We recently took part in a large job fair held by WorkBC and Kopar in Prince George, BC. It was a fairly busy event; there were many employers, plenty of resources, and of course, lots of curious people-both job-seekers and potential job-seekers. Job fairs have their main benefit which is found right in the title: […]

Some Interesting (And Scary!) Statistics About the Job Hunt

We know that a job hunt is a frustrating and scary process; it’s hard, it’s stressful, and it opens you up to a million kinds of judgement that you have asked for! The really frustrating part about it is that we never quite know what people doing the hiring are thinking and therefore, we don’t […]

Social Media and Your Job Search

Social media plays a huge role in the way that we live our lives today; it has become entwined with our social lives, our businesses and our leisure time. It has also become entangled in our job search, offering us an unprecedented opportunity to network, market ourselves and look for work. However, it’s important to […]

Using Your Side Gig on your Resume

The side gig economy is a rising trend in today’s world of work: this phenomena sees over a fifth of job seekers surveyed reporting that they have held some sort of gig job and furthermore, that for many of them, the gig was their main source of income. Furthermore, the majority people surveyed are open […]

Job Seeker or Consultant?

As a writer, the idea of using the right words for the right thing is important and the meaning of words and how they make people feel is even more important. As humans, we put a lot of stock in words: how they relate to us, what they make us feel and how we judge […]