Where They Were Before They Were Famous!

When we think of some famous names, it’s easy to think of that person has having simply arrived at that position and they were always there: Thomas Edison was always an inventor; Oprah Winfrey was always a talk show host and media personality. The reality of how these people got to where they got though […]

The Smorgasbord of Jobs

Statistics backs this up: on average, employees today will change jobs an average of once every 4.4 years or so, (or hold around 12 jobs in their working career) and while many people say that this is a bad thing in that it makes you look like a serial job hopper or someone who cannot […]

The Battle of Knowledge

This piece was written by one of our current students. All credit goes to Rosanne Williams 🙂   The Battle of Knowledge It is here where I must fight for my life. My mind is full of questions which I know can only be answered at the end of the battle. In front of me […]

Why Evaluations at Work are a Good Thing

If you want to see an entire workplace stressed out (or at least one department), mention that staff evaluations are coming in a week and watch everyone lose their marbles. Or… nearly everyone. There’s always that one person who seems to really enjoy them-thrive on them even! They look forward to the feedback, the evaluations […]

The Wavy Line to Employment

Does your education determine your career future? Once upon a time, it certainly did. If you took a trade in school, odds were that you would be working in that same trade, and given how the ‘traditional’ economy shook out, you would be working in that trade for forty years or until retirement. If you […]

Why It’s Certifications AND Attitude that Matters

It has been a long running idea that the more certifications and training one has, the better their chances are of getting a job. In fact, our education system is based entirely on that idea and no one can blame them for that; if it weren’t for certifications, many of these schools would have a […]

Getting Your Resume Through the 10 Second Skim

In a world where more resumes are hitting the internet and where more people are applying for work on a regular basis (the average length of time someone holds a job today is 3-5 years), employers are contending with more and more resumes for a job post. If an employer has a stack of one […]

Ways to Stay Productive at Work (Yes, even on a Friday!)

When we think about productivity, we often think of flying through as much of our to-do list as possible, regardless of how important those items actually were. If you fly through fifteen items on your to-do list, then you look pretty productive! However, if many of those to-do items were things like ‘check email’, ‘get […]

Public Speaking as an Introvert

Public speaking is an important skill to have in the workplace; however, for many people, it’s also a huge stressor! There are those who really enjoy talking to groups or even large crowds and there are others who are more scared of that than they are scary clowns. For many introverts in particular, the mere […]

How to Foster Good Work Relationships with Others on the Job

The number one reason why people leave their job isn’t the job itself, but rather the people that they had to deal with on the job and the work relationships they have with others. People don’t quit jobs; they quit teams, they quit managers or supervisors or bosses. On the flip side, the reality is […]