Apps to Make Your Job Hunt Easier

LinkedIn is good and all (certainly we would endorse its use), but it’s turning into the cover letter of the internet job search world: it’s just expected that you’re on there as part of your job hunt and now employers are looking for something more (particularly employers working in technology). So what else can you […]

Keeping Your Job in the Age of Social Media

There was a time not so long when you could spout off about your job and no one outside your circle would ever know about it. However, that time has been usurped by the age of social media-where people still spout off about their job, but this time the whole world can see it: including […]

The First Three Things to Do In the First Three Months of Working

The first three months of any job is generally referred to as the probationary period. It’s the time where the employee and the business really figure out whether there is a good fit, whether the employee will stay on or not and whether the employer will be able to make use of the worker. But […]

Myths of Mental Illness and Employment

Today (May 2), kicks off Mental Health Week in Canada which is an event dedicated to promoting mental health and mental illness visibility in our world. The theme for this year is #getloud which means getting loud and upfront about mental illness because these issues are largely invisible unless people choose to step up and […]

Why Lifelong Learning is Important to Job Maintenance

This series looks at skills relevant to job maintenance. In this one, we look at lifelong learning. *** You’ve finished your training program, your education or your certificate/degree and you’ve landed the job: I bet you’re thinking that you’re done learning! Well think again: lifelong learning or continual learning is a cornerstone to successful job […]

Problem Solving: A Cornerstone of Job Maintenance

You’ve found and landed the job and now it’s time to keep it with job maintenance! This series looks at tips, tricks and skills to keep your job for a longer period of time, starting with problem solving. Why is problem solving such as cornerstone of job maintenance? What is problem solving on the job? […]

Job Maintenance: Introduction

Getting the resume, landing the interview and getting the job is one thing, but the time after you land the job-the skills, attributes and attitude that contributes to job maintenance-is just as important and for many job seekers, it’s the tripping point. There are plenty of people who can turn out a perfectly fine resume […]

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome at Work

Does this sound familiar to you? You landed the interview and got the job and then you wake up in the morning with the feeling that you somehow cheated the system and that you’re actually not going to do well on the job and furthermore, everyone will know it shortly (if they don’t already!) You […]

Questions Never to Ask in an Interview (And What to Ask Instead)

We heartily recommend that you ask questions during your interview for the most part. It shows that you are actually interested in the company and that you have done your homework. Questions about what to expect in a day in the life of the company, more in-depth questions about where the company sees itself going […]

The Importance of Dreams to Your Career

Picasso once said this, he said that all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up. I believe this passionately, that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out of it. So why is this? -Sir Ken Robinson, “Do Schools […]