What is the Hidden Job Market?

Throughout a job search (and even before and after), you may hear reference to something called the hidden job market. It’s considered to be the prime thing to access if you want to be successful in finding a job or a career and it’s considered to be a much larger source of those jobs than […]

Cold Calling as Part of your Job Search

When we think of job hunting, we often think of sending out resumes and cover letters, patrolling the job boards and reaching out to our contacts and past co-workers for references, insight and to access the hidden job market.  But there is another method of communication that we overlook: cold calling. Cold calling refers to […]

Why Networking Needs to be an Important Part of your School Time

If you’re going to school to upgrade your skills and training, then you are in a unique position to do other things while you are furthering your education. For example, it’s easier to get a job if you are already busy with something like volunteering or schooling because you are seen as being ambitious, productive […]

Finding Employment When You Have Anxiety

Around 5% of the household population in Canada are diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder and the numbers could be higher than that given that many people go undiagnosed. For these people, there are special challenges to living life that those who do not suffer from anxiety don’t even think about and one of […]

What Type of Leader are You?

One of the things which employers look for is leadership from their employees; particularly employees who intend to stick around with the business for a long time and will have the chance to grow. Leadership is also something that you as a job seeker should be considering as part of your skill set and as […]

Networking in Five Unexpected Places

Networking is absolutely critical in today’s labor market; it’s not just what you know anymore, but who you know. The hidden job market makes up a vast portion of the job market and by not tapping it, you are depriving yourself of countless job opportunities. But networking can also be incredibly intimidating to people who […]

Reflecting on CVTC’s Time at Northern FanCon

On Community Events and Why Businesses Should Embrace Them We recently had the wonderful (and frankly exhausting) joy of having a large booth at Northern FanCon (Prince George, BC, first weekend of May). The idea was to drum up more publicity and awareness of Canadian Vocational Training Centre, what we offer and who we are—and […]

How Working in Small Towns Can Jumpstart Your Career

While people who graduate from colleges, universities, vocational training schools or other educational facilities may flock to the big cities to find work, this instinct to go big may be doing you a disservice in the long run. Small towns may not have all of the opportunities of a metropolis, but what they lack in […]

Job Scams: How to Tell if the Job Post is Legitimate

It’s that time of year again: Scam season. CRA scams are of course the most well-known for spring, especially from March to May when people are filing or finishing filing their taxes, but they are far from being the only scams out there. In this blog, we’re going to look at job scams: job posts […]

The Advantages of Being a Mentor on the Job

It may be difficult to think of making the time or the energy for it, especially in a demanding job, but if you have a lot of experience in a particular field (or just a lot of experience in general), there are some clear advantages to being a mentor to someone who is looking for […]