What is Your Superpower?

It’s superhero movie season again, with many big names hitting the silver screen in 2016 and while it’s exciting on the level of watching them all, it’s also given us some pause for thought and it should give you some too in regards to your resume, cover letter, job hunting, skills, passions and talents! What […]

On Using Personality Tests

Ah, personality tests. They rear up on social media, show up as part of orientation or interviews for many jobs and can even show up in the school system. From complicated to simple, from goofy to deadly serious, personality tests tap into something that everyone has: a desire to know who they are, where they […]

Building a Resume Like You’d Build a Character

This article on building a resume is for the gamers (pen and paper and video gamers), fiction authors and over active imaginations in the room! You’ve been warned… *** Building a resume is really tricky for many people. For those who don’t like to talk or think about themselves, it can be excruciating. For people […]

Are You a Homemaker? How do You Put This on a Resume?

A common issue which many people face is one of returning to work after spending time as a homemaker-either because of the children, because of other family needs such as taking care of senior members or someone with a disability or because of a personal preference. For any number of reasons, homemakers may also want […]

Applying for a Job You’re Overqualified For

One of the weirder problems (from first glance anyway) that job applicants can have is the fear of being overqualified for a job that he or she really wants. There is a definite perception that if you’re applying for a job, you want a job that has you at the same level or slightly higher […]

The Benefits of Informational Interviews

An informational interview, like the post-interview thank you note, is a frequently under-utilized tool in the job search. A lot of people don’t do them at all and even those who know about them don’t do them often enough to help them land a job. But an informational interview is a great tool: it’s free, […]

How to Have a Good Job Shadowing Experience

Job shadowing, like the information interview, is one of those tools which people tend not to think of utilizing when it comes to conducting a job search. Some of the reasons for this are not the fault of the seeker: not everyone wants to be shadowed on the job and not everyone can have a […]

Writing a Post-Interview Thank You Letter

There is a lot of emphasis given on the resume, cover letter and interview portions of job hunting, but what about a post-interview thank you letter? This is a step which is often ignored or done poorly, but when it is done properly, it can make the difference between getting a second interview or a […]

How Staying Busy Helps You Get a Job

It’s a problematic catch-22 for many job seekers: it’s easier to get employed if you’re already employed and if nothing else, it’s easier to get employed if you’re also showing that you’re staying busy. For many people though, there’s just not enough time in the day (seemingly) to conduct a successful job hunt which in […]

Volunteer Experience: Show it Off or Hide It?

One of the cardinal rules for many job coaches and job seekers is to ensure that any volunteer experience is mentioned on the resume, particularly if it is related to the career field or if the candidate doesn’t have much in the way of volunteer experience. Volunteering has a number of benefits for job seekers: […]