Eat the Frog: Schedule Interviews for the Morning!

Going to job interviews is not fun for anyone: it’s not fun for the job seeker and it’s not fun for the interviewer. Many people who are interviewing job candidates may not be trained to do it and they often jam the interviews in the middle of any gaps in their work day. Result? Tired, […]

New Year, New Online You

Well, it’s into February now, but the New Year, New You resolutions are hopefully still holding on and we have another one to add to your list: new online you. If you’re job hunting, or even if you’re not yet but you think you might be; or even if you’re in a good job and […]

Jobs in Hospitality in BC

Tourism is one of the big economic pushers in Canada and hospitality is booming across the country. In particular, British Columbia wears a fairly sizeable crown when it comes to being one of the best places to visit, both for tourists in the province and for tourists from all over the world! In British Columbia, […]

The Importance of the About Us Page When Writing Resumes

When you look at a company, do you check out their About Us? Part 2 of the Cutting Edge of Job Search series. Part 1 is here. One of the big trends that grew out of 2016 when it comes to writing resumes is the absolute importance of targeting your resume to the business to […]

Are We Entering the Age of Virtual Reality Interviews?

This series of blogs will look at the way job search, resumes and interviews may change in the near future to bring you cutting edge-and beyond-tools to find and secure work. The interview process hasn’t exactly changed in the last number of decades-the one doing the hiring asks the one looking for work a number […]

What is Responsible Positivity?

There has been a huge influx in the idea of positivity: that if you send out good vibes, the universe will repay you. We have documentaries and books such as The Secret and a huge swath of self-help books and videos to thank for this trend and with the new year now upon us, there […]

Where They Were Before They Were Famous!

When we think of some famous names, it’s easy to think of that person has having simply arrived at that position and they were always there: Thomas Edison was always an inventor; Oprah Winfrey was always a talk show host and media personality. The reality of how these people got to where they got though […]

The Smorgasbord of Jobs

Statistics backs this up: on average, employees today will change jobs an average of once every 4.4 years or so, (or hold around 12 jobs in their working career) and while many people say that this is a bad thing in that it makes you look like a serial job hopper or someone who cannot […]

The Battle of Knowledge

This piece was written by one of our current students. All credit goes to Rosanne Williams 🙂   The Battle of Knowledge It is here where I must fight for my life. My mind is full of questions which I know can only be answered at the end of the battle. In front of me […]