Some Interesting (And Scary!) Statistics About the Job Hunt

We know that a job hunt is a frustrating and scary process; it’s hard, it’s stressful, and it opens you up to a million kinds of judgement that you have asked for! The really frustrating part about it is that we never quite know what people doing the hiring are thinking and therefore, we don’t know whether we will line up with them or fall short. But we are always willing to provide a little insight into the mind of the hiring manager, so with that in mind, here are some statistics to keep in the forefront of your job search so that things are a little less stressful and frustrating.

80% of Jobs Aren’t Found Online

We looked at this when we looked at the Hidden Job Market, but it bears repeating again for those people in the back: 80% of jobs out there are not posted online! That means that when you use the internet to search for work, you are missing out on four fifths of the job market and that greatly decreases your odds of landing a job. Your job hunt is sabotaged before it even begins!

Frankly, businesses don’t really like to post their positions on big sites like Monster or Glassdoor or Indeed because they get flooded with resumes, it costs money, and they need to designate someone(s) just to the process. It also means that they aren’t getting to connect with prospective employees they way they would prefer to, so the whole thing is simply an exercise in stress and annoyance.

Instead of relying on the job sites, connect with companies you want to work for directly. Track down people with titles such as director or manager and let them know that you are interested in their company and why you would love to work there. Ask them about potential job positions and reiterate that you want to help. Don’t send your resume though; wait to be invited to send it along. You want to come across as eager and passionate, not pushy!

Yes, this is basically cold calling. And cold calling is one of the best ways to get networking done and find out about jobs that weren’t posted on the World Wide Web.

73% of Companies Have Used Social Media to Recruit and Hire

And 70% of employers have turned down candidates because of something they found online that left a negative impression. Those are some whopping statistics that showcase how important your online presence is and what sort of impact it can have on your job hunt.

Social media is a great way to connect with employers and gives them the chance to get to know you. LinkedIn can be used to create a digital resume and other social media platforms let you outline your interests, passions and skills.

But treat it carefully because of that other stat. If you don’t represent yourself in a professional and positive manner online, you’ll become a statistic: one of the 70% who had their job opportunity torpedoed because of a problematic photo or tweet. Make sure to check on your security settings and if you are about to post something, think about how someone you highly respect would feel about that post before you do it.

Over 50% of Job Applicants are Currently Employed

This didn’t used to be the case, but in the modern world of gig jobs, short term contracts, and people being more willing to job hop, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re competing with people who are already working and are looking for the next great opportunity. This means that you have to tailor your resume against people who may have more experience to bring forward which you have to counter with your own experiences, passion and abilities.

30%(ish) of all External Hires Come from Referrals

Tied to the hidden job market is the fact that around a third of external hires come about as a result of a referral. This is because people are far more willing to try something (or someone) out if someone else has recommended it. A solid referral can take you really far in the job hunt, so it’s important to continue to maintain and build your network through events, volunteering, and gig work. You can even just put yourself out there as someone who can give advice or teach a new trick. You never know who will be listening and what they can do for your job search.

These statistics may seem a bit scary, but they represent a wealth of often untapped job potential and pitfalls that you may not have even been aware of. Knowledge is power in any field and that includes the job hunt. Good luck!