The SETA is our first program which gives a full diploma upon completion. With two successful graduating classes in Prince George (and a high rate of employment in various schools) and a class currently in Hazelton, the SETA program offers students a chance to learn skills that are required in classrooms which have many students that need additional assistance. From FASD to Autism to communication and teaching Math and language arts, this in-depth program covers everything a successful Teacher’s Assistant needs in order to do their job. This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Program DescriptionThe Special Education Teachers Assistant Program prepares the student to assist teachers in developing and implementing appropriate instructional programs and methods within the educational settings. This 38 week program provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge combined with practical strategies to support classroom instructional, behavioral and social learning of students with exceptionalities.
Certifications Special Education Teachers Assistant Diploma, First Aid Certificate, CPR/HCP Certificate.
Program Objectives Upon successful completion of the program students should acquire knowledge and skills including how to:
·         Adhere to professional and ethical behavior
·         Integrate flexibility into daily practice
·         Assist the student in performing day to day activities
·         Assist the teacher with student planning and adapting instructional materials
·         Develop collaborative relationships with students and other members of the education team to meet the needs and goals of the student
·         Help students with behavioral difficulties to manage themselves productively
·         Observe and report student behavior and progress
·         Create and maintain accurate and confidential records
·         Reinforce student learning in one-on-one and small group settings
·         Assist students with exceptionalities to actualize their learning and participate in school activities
·         Promote student inclusion and communicate effectively
·         Effectively manage time and prioritize work
·         Be sensitive to diversity
·         Demonstrate knowledge of safety and child protection
Prerequisites Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status.  Successfully complete the admissions interview and pass an entrance test. A letter of recommendation. Passing a Criminal Records Check.
Program HoursClasses are scheduled for a mandatory five hours per day, five days a week.  Class time is scheduled from 9:00 – 2:30 daily with additional lab time after class.  It is highly recommended that students plan to spend a minimum of six hours a day at the Centre.
Career OpportunitiesUpon successful completion the graduate is prepared to be employed as an Education Assistant and work in a variety of educational settings: including k-12 classrooms, preschools, early intervention programs or community agencies focusing on children with exceptionalities.  Education Assistants work with teachers in a classroom, supporting children from kindergarten to grade twelve with varying degrees of special needs.
Materials RequiredPlease contact Admissions for a list of required textbooks.
EvaluationsStudents will be evaluated through assignments and tests. The passing grade is 60%.

Program Outline

Note: The order in which you take your courses may NOT be the same as listed below.

Course #Course NameHoursCourse #Course NameHours
JS-121Strategies for Success (Includes Basic Computer Apps)25EA-130Supporting Students with Learning Exceptionalities75
EA-100Roles and Responsibilities of the Education Assistant25EA-135Alternate and Augmentative Communication50
EA-103Childhood Development75EA-140Practicum150
CS-107Word Core50CS-145Effectively Managing Student Behavior50
EA-105Adolescent Development50EA-155Autism Spectrum Disorder50
EA-110Health and Personal Care50EA-160Fetal Alcohol Syndrome25
EA-115Understanding Learning Exceptionalities75EA-165Language Arts25
EA-120Professional Communication in the Classroom50EA-170Teaching Math25
EA-125Ethics in Human Services50JS-132Employment Development Strategies (EDS)50
Total Hours
Course Duration: Weeks

Mission Statement

Educate, Empower, Employ

Educating individuals using up-to-date curriculum, Empowering them to take control of their future and become Employed in a career of their choice