Covid-19 Update: April 15

It’s been a couple of weeks, but we have some news on the financial supports that are being brought in and some news in general about what’s going on around

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April 2-Covid 19 Update

There have been some developments over the last few days in regards to supports for people who are impacted by the Covid-19 virus, as well as some general information about

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March 30 Covid-19 Update

Over the weekend, we saw the announcement of some new supports for seniors and children, as well as a boost to the wage subsidy for small to medium businesses up

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March 26-Covid 19 Update

Today, we saw a few pieces of news. President Trump is pushing to put a military presence on the border between Canada and the US to stop people from Canada

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March 25-Covid 19 Update

Today was a busy day as a major bill passed the Canadian legislation to come to law as of today and BC passed more legislation designed to aid people in

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March 24-Covid 19 Update

It’s been a fairly quiet day as a small group from each of the Canadian political parties got together to debate the legislature being put forth to provide relief of

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