Stress and the Modern Workplace

We are already almost to the end of the first month of 2018 and for many people, the resolution of dealing with stress and cutting down on it may have come crashing down around their stressed ears. For most people in the workforce, stress is simply a part of the day (and a good excuse […]

When Solitude is the Best Thing for Your Job

In a world of inter-connectivity and collaboration, it seems like solitude has not only been pushed out, but is actively hunted down and pulled apart in many industries! When looking for work, many job seekers see the repetition of people skills: teamwork, able to work well with others, values collaboration… etc. Furthermore, we still see […]

The Trouble With Multitasking

The ability to multitask is celebrated by businesses and by people, but it’s not all that it’s cut out to be. Research into how the human brain works finds that we don’t actually multitask (in the sense that we can do many things at the same time or think of many things at the same […]

Job Seeker or Consultant?

As a writer, the idea of using the right words for the right thing is important and the meaning of words and how they make people feel is even more important. As humans, we put a lot of stock in words: how they relate to us, what they make us feel and how we judge […]

Finding Employment When You Have Anxiety

Around 5% of the household population in Canada are diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder and the numbers could be higher than that given that many people go undiagnosed. For these people, there are special challenges to living life that those who do not suffer from anxiety don’t even think about and one of […]

What Type of Leader are You?

One of the things which employers look for is leadership from their employees; particularly employees who intend to stick around with the business for a long time and will have the chance to grow. Leadership is also something that you as a job seeker should be considering as part of your skill set and as […]

Reflecting on CVTC’s Time at Northern FanCon

On Community Events and Why Businesses Should Embrace Them We recently had the wonderful (and frankly exhausting) joy of having a large booth at Northern FanCon (Prince George, BC, first weekend of May). The idea was to drum up more publicity and awareness of Canadian Vocational Training Centre, what we offer and who we are—and […]

How Working in Small Towns Can Jumpstart Your Career

While people who graduate from colleges, universities, vocational training schools or other educational facilities may flock to the big cities to find work, this instinct to go big may be doing you a disservice in the long run. Small towns may not have all of the opportunities of a metropolis, but what they lack in […]

Ways to Stay Productive at Work (Yes, even on a Friday!)

When we think about productivity, we often think of flying through as much of our to-do list as possible, regardless of how important those items actually were. If you fly through fifteen items on your to-do list, then you look pretty productive! However, if many of those to-do items were things like ‘check email’, ‘get […]

Public Speaking as an Introvert

Public speaking is an important skill to have in the workplace; however, for many people, it’s also a huge stressor! There are those who really enjoy talking to groups or even large crowds and there are others who are more scared of that than they are scary clowns. For many introverts in particular, the mere […]