10 Of the Weirdest Jobs Around

All right, so we know that we should go for jobs that are in demand, pay well, and suit your lifestyle and goals. (I have harped on this constantly – you can find it scattered all over this blog). But hey, sometimes it’s fun to just look at some of the weirder jobs that exist. Maybe working in retail or as an executive assistant is practical, but being a paranormal guide? Well, that would just be fun, assuming you can drum up business!

Taking a break from the seriousness of the world today, we are going to look at 10 of the weirdest jobs around. Maybe one of them will give you an idea, or two, of what you’d like to do.

Paranormal Guide

Potential hourly wage: $40/hr! (USD)

What Do I Do? This is pretty much just what it sounds like: you take a course and become a guide who specializes in haunted houses, castles, mansions, and other haunted sites. If you enjoy being a tour guide and you want to lean towards the spooky, this might be a good job for you!

Where on Earth? Surprisingly, there is at least a low level of demand all over the world for this: US, Europe, Canada, and beyond. When I went to Victoria, my mom and I did a Haunted walk with a paranormal guide. It was a little cheesy, but the history was fun!

Dog Surfing Instructor

Potential Hourly Wage: $13/hr (USD)

What do I do? Train dogs to surf! Ahhh, I think we can blame Instagram for this one (and Facebook, and before that My Space), but there is a demand to teach dogs – and their owners as well – how to surf, though there are instructors who exclusive train dogs how to hang ten (is it still hang ten when it’s paws? Oh well). If you like surfing and you like dogs, why not marry the two and teach dogs how to surf?

Where On Earth? You would be most likely to find this in places with high amounts of surfing such as the southwest/east coasts of the US, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and other places.

Professional Mermaid

Potential Hourly Wage: Up to $300/hr (USD)

What do I do? Licensed mermaids are performers who largely perform at birthday parties and other parties and teach other people who to swim like a mermaid. They are also popular at children’s parties. Keep in mind that you are as much an entertainer as anything else, so you’ll need a good schtick to go with your tail.

Where on Earth? Hang out your shingle anywhere you like: mermaids are a fairly global mythology. The uniqueness of it alone may get you some business.

Face Feelers

Potential Hourly Wage: $25/hr (USD)

What do I do? It’s… not as weird… Ok it is, but it’s important. Face feelers are sensory scientists who use their hands to figure out how effective skin products are like lotions, razors, cleaners and more. It actually does take training and so you can make well above minimum wage at it.

Where on Earth? Face feelers are employed by companies that make these sorts of products, so you’ll probably have to do some pavement pounding.

Professional Line Stander

Potential Hourly Wage: $1,000/week

What do I do? Do you like standing in lines? Then this is the gig for you! You… stand in lines! You hold people’s place in a line-up! This is actually useful for big events like product launches, major sales, concerts, event tickets and so on and you can actually make a good side hustle from standing in a line for as long as it takes.

Where on Earth? Anywhere really. There’s always something going on somewhere that people want to do, but can’t stand in line for.

Pet Food Taster

Potential Wage: $27,000/year

What do I do? A pet food taster tests the nutritional value of pet food, writes reports, and figures out ways to make the food better. And it’s not a job with a high level of competition since a lot of people don’t want to eat pet food, though it’s not a massively in demand job either. Still, if you love animals and want to help them get the most out of their food, maybe this would be a good part-time job.

Where on Earth? Pet food companies and research and development for pet food companies would be your best bet. Small pet food makers may be looking for them as well, so ask around local makers as well as the bigger brands.

Professional Paint-Dry Watcher

Potential Earnings: $40,000/year

What do I do? You ever hear the phrase: as boring as watching paint dry? Well, now you live the maxim (and get paid for it!) Yes, you too can watch paint dry! Ok, the actual point is to paint sheets of cardboard and figure out how long it takes for the paint to dry as well as how paint mixes together. This sounds really dry, but it’s actually pretty important for paint manufacturers since they often compete based on how fast the paint dries, how true colors are when they dry, and how well they mix.

Where on Earth? Paint manufacturing companies hire paint dry watchers, so you’ll have to check them out.

Paper Towel Sniffer

Potential Earnings: $52,000/year

What do I do? You sniff paper towel… no, really. This job is to ensure that the paper towel doesn’t have any funky odors after it leaves production. And since customers would be put off by foul or weird smelling paper towel, those with a sensitive nose could be paid rather well for this job. It’s definitely weird, but at up to 52,000 thousand a year, who’s complaining?

Where on Earth? Paper Towel manufacturing companies would be your best bet.

Fake Wedding Guest

Potential Earnings: $2500/wedding

What do I do? Get paid to attend weddings! People hire wedding guests to make their event seem more popular and busy that it otherwise would be, and to make the bride and groom look more popular. It may seem pretty shallow, but this is something people worry about and at up to $2500/wedding plus getting food, it’s not a terrible gig for you! Can you smile, look nice, and be friendly? Maybe this is a great summer time gig for you!

Where on Earth? Anywhere there are weddings and people who want to project an image, there you may find the fake wedding guest. (Also professional bridesmaids. Yes, those are a thing too).

Adult Toy Tester

Potential Earnings: $25/hr

What do I do? We saved the best for last! Adult toy testers test prototypes of new sex toy products to make sure they are fun, look good, and are functional. Not a bad paying side hustle if you want to be first in line for new products.

Where on Earth? Adult toy testers can be hired from all over the place. Though it’s not something that is commonly found on LinkedIn… You might have to do some direct inquiries with manufacturers.

So, there you have it! 10 jobs that probably never occurred to you, many of them paying surprisingly well for something so weird.

Which one is your future career? Or barring that, at least something that looks intriguing. Sound off on our Facebook page!  

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