Your education is important!  You’re never too old to learn. In fact, adult learners are generally the best learners around. Why? Because adults are highly motivated, very curious, and know how to apply their practical life experiences to new information.  At Canadian Vocational Training Centre we want to help educate you with skills needed for today’s workforce.


The term empowerment refers to the act of “investing with power“, allowing people to take back control of their own future.  At Canadian Vocational Training Centre we are known as career development professionals: we advise, coach, and provide information to people who are planning, seeking and managing their own career direction.  Don’t let life control you!  Control your life, and your future, at CVTC.


This is what its all about!  Employers tell us that selecting the right person for the job has never been more important that it is today.  With local employers communicating their workforce needs directly to CVTC, we are able to ensure that our students are prepared for today’s jobs.  At Canadian Vocational Training Centre we are passionate about our students success and this is what it’s all about!


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Contact: Cal Purcell

Contact: Cal Purcell








I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who works there, Char, Ruth, Penelope, Kevin…Cal and Wanda… You all helped and supported me through 6 months of hard work. CVTC got me the confidence and job I wanted from the beginning. This whole experience would not have been possible if not for you Call… You were able to help me when I needed it. Thank you.

Teresa’s Testimonial-Office Assistant and Bookkeeping

“This course taught me valuable cooking skills, knife skills and how to handle kitchen utensils properly. I use these skills every day at my new job as a chef’s assistant working for Central Interior Catering and Consulting.”

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Jared, Cooking Up Jobs Graduate

I worked in an office environment for most of my adult life and the last 17 years at a rental equipment company.  I started as an Administrative assistant and worked my way up to Operations Manager.  In 2016, the company did a financial restructure and middle management (my job) was eliminated.  When I started applying for jobs I wasn’t even getting called for interviews.  Most of the employers were looking for certification and I didn’t have any.  I had learned on the job with no formal training.  I decided I needed to get some certification and was accepted into the Canadian Vocational training Centre.  I worked very hard and graduated with honors. 

  I am very proud to say that I have received a job offer from ICBC and will be starting in July.  Thank you again CVTC.

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Lucille’s Testimonial