We have been made aware of scammers attempting to use names of our staff in order to post fake jobs and get banking information and other personal information. Please be aware that our email addresses will never end in domains such as gmail, hotmail, outlook, or yahoo and that you may call us any time if you have questions about a job post using our name. Stay safe and thank you.

Tina’s Testimonial (SecurIt)

Thanks CVTC for accepting me as a student here. Before I started it, I was totally lost. I didn’t know what kind of job I wanted and what I should do; I was just applying online every day. Any open position was my target! But since I joined the program at CVTC, I have built my confidence, slowly found out what I like, who I am, and learned lots of skills to use when I’m working. I got lots of certifications to help me find a job too.

Thanks to the teachers at CVTC. Without them, I may still be a lost girl working like a zombie every single day. Now I’m proud of myself, I know what job I want to apply for, and what I should do. For me, it is not only a course, it was a time to get to know myself deeply, to find myself, and to realize how good I am.

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