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Rita Armstrong’s Testimonial

Hello CVTC,

I’m writing to let you know about my recent success with challenging Sage 50, Levels 1 & 2. Although I am addressing this letter to CVTC, it reminds of a letter I would write to myself and what my dreams are. And you are all a big part of the way.

After losing my job I didn’t know what to do next. With not much confidence in myself, I made an appointment with Cal at CVTC. I had stayed in touch over the last 7 years since my graduation of the Administrative Program with Sage 50 and Manual Bookkeeping, included Microsoft Training and Office procedures. (Although my passion is writing – poetry – which is not taught at CVTC!)

The experience I recently had challenging Sage 50 was great. There is a, new to me, Sage Instructor, and she is great, fair, and respectful. Must be a great place to work. CVTC gets all the best instructors and staff.

Thank you Cal.

I don’t even care what mark I receive. I did my best and feel good.

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