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RoomKeys Graduate -Aiza

To My CVTC Family.

I could not thank you enough for letting me into your RoomKeys Program. I was kind of lost, culture shocked, confused and excited at the same time when I moved here from Philippines. I was introduced by IMSS to take the program to help me establish my career. I had no clue at first how it would work for me, but when I came in, everyone was so accommodating and friendly. I got the chance to meet Cal Purcell, the President of CVTC. He put me in the position that I needed to be true to myself and think about how far I’ll go with my goals. Having that mission statement in mind, caught my whole interest to join the program. While in the program, I felt the confidence inside me, discovered new things about my weaknesses and strengths and started to rebuild my goals. I also connected with people with different cultural views and backgrounds, opening myself towards great opportunity and kept thinking that everything is going to be worthwhile as long as you are willing to invest some of your time, effort and whole positive attitude. I came to a point that I missed family back home; it’s like a thousand miles away, but when I looked around I just realized I had the CVTC Family—they became my family all throughout. They embraced me; they became someone that I am very comfortable to express my real self with; they became my shoulder to cry on, friends to laugh out loud with, and gave me the courage to start a new beginning here in Canada.

Reading books ahead, memorizing terms that I’m not familiar with, 4hrs of night study, maintaining 100% attendance, passing all the exams, checking vocabulary, being fully attentive and positive all the time, is honestly not my thing. However, I always believed that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” I never found enough reasons to quit and never took things for granted, because they did a great job to push me to limits I couldn’t even imagine. They did things that made you want to be there all the time and not just consider it as an ordinary day. Every day is a learning experience, every day is a special day and I must live with it, with positivity and strong commitment.

Thank you so much CVTC for the great opportunity, you helped every one of us in different ways. You encouraged your students to stay fascinated with all the adventures along our way. You helped us with our career development that we need to be truly thankful for, by loving what we do and being grateful for every piece of our success I’ve experienced many fond memories; I look back on what I was before and what I’ve become. Having all those certificates—they serve as pride. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I know there will always be reasons why God placed us in close proximity to each other.

…And now we became the better versions of ourselves.

Sincerely yours,

Aiza – RoomKeys Graduate – March 2019

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