Brian McGrath’s Testimonial

Due to the current state of the Canadian economy, I recently deemed it necessary to re-enter the work force. I was surprised to discover the modern workforce’s dependence on technology. My lack of computer skills had rendered me functionally illiterate. I set out to find an educational institution that could rectify my situation in a timely manner.

After researching, visiting and investigating many schools I decided upon Canadian Vocational Training Centre. I made the right choice. I felt a smaller institution would be able to meet my needs and address the issues a mature student in a high-tech world would face. My expectations were met and surpassed.

The teacher student ratio is outstanding. Most of my classes were 4 or 5 students giving the instructors ample time for one-on-one instruction. When I need help, I got it, personal instruction tailored to my needs.

The curriculum was a practical real world-based program targeting my goals and ambitions. Every aspect of instruction brought me closer to my goal of interesting, meaningful and financially productive employment. I received an attractive offer before graduation for a position I could not have even thought about previously.

In summation I found everything I came looking for. I could not possibly give a higher recommendation.

Brian McGrath

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