Announcing our Soft Reopening!

We have some great news for everyone! On May 19, CVTC will be doing a ‘soft reopening’, meaning that we will slowly begin doing face-to-face classes.

The structure of running classes face to face has always been very important to us. We recognize that most of our students do far better with the structure of a classroom, the support of their peers and instructors, and the resources that we offer, from coffee to laptops.

Over the last eight weeks, due to the pandemic, everyone has risen valiantly to the occasion of continuing their studies from home while juggling their families, their jobs, their financial needs, and many other stressors. We have seen amazing turn out for attendance, had some great classes and laughs, wonderful work finished, and despite working apart, created some new bonds.

But it’s definitely going to be a relief to get back to our normal way of running classes.

It won’t be entirely like it was. We are taking social distancing very seriously and so we have invested in new desks and chairs to keep everyone safely distanced, we have invested in a lot of new hygiene measures, including more paper towel dispensers, a lot of cleaning products, and the removal of things like our lunch program (Prince George) for the duration. There will also be changes to our class start and end times and lunch times to accommodate for physical distancing.

Overall though, we are very excited to be coming back to the centres and back to the face to face classes that everyone has always benefited from, including our staff.

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