Covid-19, March 23 Update

Good afternoon everyone

Not a lot to report, but here are the highlights:

Over the weekend and as of today, there were three more deaths related to the illness and the number of cases in BC has reached 472 (as of ten am.). But 100 have recovered, so yay!

In Canada, we have over 1,000 cases

Large gatherings (over 50) are still banned in BC with weddings and funerals being strongly discouraged until the health emergency ends. Social distancing is now a requirement: stay two metres apart from anyone outside of your household when outside.

Parents who must work over the Covid crisis may still have access to childcare providers. The province announced that there would be funding offered to providers to stay open (albeit at a reduced capacity) Open centres will receive compensation to help cover the gap in capacity and centres that close will get support for things like rent/lease payments to better support them opening again later.

Businesses can now be fined $50,000 for violating the social distancing and other corona virus measures.

All sports facilities in public parks in Vancouver have been closed.

In Canada, Ontario and Quebec are shutting down all non-essential businesses by midnight, Tuesday. Nunavit is prohibiting all non-residents and non-essential travel. The Northwest Territories also shut its borders to nonresidents over the weekend.

If you need financial support, check out to see what supports are being offered. Most of them will not be available until April/May, but check your CRA or My account Canada to see what supports you may be entitled to and apply.

Canadian Vocational Training Centre had it’s first Distance Learning day using remote instruction and support methods. We will be using this model for a minimum of three weeks. Please keep checking back on our Facebook page or this website for updates.


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