March 24-Covid 19 Update

It’s been a fairly quiet day as a small group from each of the Canadian political parties got together to debate the legislature being put forth to provide relief of $82 Billion to citizens and businesses. There is still some tweaking to be done, but the hope is that the package will be finalized shortly. You can learn more about that here.

It was reported today that half of the cases of Covid 19 are from community spread which means that the virus is now well entrenched in Canada and spreading, not from travellers, but from within. This makes social distancing even more paramount. Experts point out that the results from social distancing today will be seen a few weeks from now (we are seeing the results of what happened two weeks ago now which is why there has been a spike in confirmed cases). It may not seem like social distancing is doing much, but hopefully we will see positive results in April.

On the CVTC front, we have confirmation that the school is considered to be an essential service because of the work that is done with vulnerable sectors of society. While this means that our offices are open for information and appointments, we are still observing strict social distancing and as such, there are no plans to start face to face classes again until April at the very earliest. We will announce when face to face classes will resume as soon as we get the go-ahead to allow them.

Tomorrow, it is expected that there will be an announcement around relief for renters. We will have the details about that when they arise.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay away!

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