Program Description: The Special Education Teacher’s Assistant Program prepares the student to assist teachers in developing and implementing appropriate instructional programs and methods within the educational settings. This 38-week program provides a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge combined with practical strategies to support classroom instructional, behavioral, and social learning of students with exceptionalities.
Certifications: Special Education Teacher’s Assistant Diploma; First Aid Certificate; CPR Certificate.
Program Objectives: Upon successful completion of the program, students should acquire knowledge and skills including how to:

  • Adhere to professional and ethical behavior
  • Integrate flexibility into daily practice
  • Assist the student in performing day to day activities
  • Assist the teacher with student planning and adapting instructional materials
  • Develop collaborative relationships with students and other members of the education team to meet the needs and goals of the student
  • Help students with behavioral difficulties to manage themselves productively
  • Observe and report student behavior and progress
  • Create and maintain accurate and confidential records
  • Reinforce student learning in one-on-one and small group settings
  • Assist students with exceptionalities to actualize their learning and participate in school activities
  • Promote student inclusion and communicate effectively
  • Effectively manage time and prioritize work
  • Be sensitive to diversity
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety and child protection


Prerequisites: Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status. Successfully complete the admissions interview and pass an entrance test. A letter of recommendation. Criminal records check.
Program Hours: Classes are scheduled for a mandatory five hours per day, five days a week. Class time is schedule from 9:00 to 2:30 daily with additional lab time after class. It is highly recommended that students plan to spend a minimum of six hours a day at the centre.
Career Opportunities: Upon successful completion, the graduate is prepared to be employed as an Education Assistant and work in a variety of educational settings, including: k-12 classrooms, preschools, early intervention programs or community agencies focusing on children with exceptionalities. Education Assistants work with teachers in a classroom, supporting children from kindergarten to grade twelve with varying degrees of special needs.
Materials Required: Please contact Admissions for a list of required textbooks.
Evaluation: Students will be evaluated through assignments and test. Each course is marked individually and requires 60% to pass.
Completion Requirements To be eligible for graduation students must have completed all courses in the program with a minimum passing grade of 60%, meet all attendance and financial requirements.

Program Outline

Course # Course Name Hours Course # Course Name Hours
JS-121 Strategies for Success (includes Basic Computer Aps) 25 EA-130 Supporting Students with Learning Exceptionalities 75
EA-100 Roles and Responsibilities of the Education Assistant 25 EA-135 Alternative and Augmentative Communication 50
EA-103 Childhood Development 75 EA-140 Practicum 150
CS-107 Word Core 50 EA-145 Effectively Managing Student Behavior 50
EA-105 Adolescent Behavior 50 EA-155 Autism Spectrum Disorder 50
EA-110 Health and Personal Care 50 EA-160 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum 25
EA-115 Understanding Learning Exceptionalities 75 EA-165 Language Arts 25
EA-120 Professional Communication in the Classroom 50 EA-170 Teaching Math 25
EA-125 Ethics in Human Services 50 JS-132 Employment Development Strategies 50
Total hours 950
Course Duration-Weeks 38

Note: The order in which you take your courses may NOT be the same as listed above.


Mission Statement

Educate, Empower, Employ

Educating individuals using up-to-date curriculum, Empowering them to take control of their future and become Employed in a career of their choice.