7 Easy Career Goals You Can Get Started on Today!

We talk a lot about goals. Without goals, it’s very difficult to get much of anywhere in life; most humans need something to strive for, usually based on their passions, interests, education, and career. But many people get stumped when it comes to figuring out what kind of career goals they should have (or are realistic to have) and so it’s easier to leave it alone and just go through work.But having career goals can be really beneficial to you. It helps you direct your career path, figure out which jobs or roles would work best for you, and what to steer away from. So, in this blog, we are going to look at some examples of some good career goals that will hopefully give you a jumpstart as we wind up 2022. Specifically, we are going to look at 7 goals that will hopefully give you some ideas and help you settle on a career road.

1.       Achieve a better work-life balance

 One of the big things on the minds of employees today is the work-life balance. This has been a massive driver between the Great Resignment/Reshuffle (call it what you like) and is why there is a huge push for more hybrid/work from home. Work-life balance means that there is an equilibrium between one’s personal life and work life and for a long time, many people struggled with it. Now, most people are striving for a better balance which means being able to manage your time better, fighting for more flexibility at work, and figuring out how best to do your job to achieve this particular goal. It’s one that is worth working towards though! 

2.       Improve Work Relationships

We are not saying that you should be best friends with your coworkers because that’s probably going to be ridiculous but cultivating meaningful relationships can have a huge impact on your work environment and helps you create a more positive attitude. It can also lead to more collaboration, creativity, and productivity. (And yes, this can absolutely be done over the internet and doesn’t necessarily have to always be in person). The key is to practice good communication, help when you can (and are able), and be a good mentor or role model for others.

3.       Try new things!

 Gaining new experiences is never a bad thing. You can start small with things like helping with a new project, reading something new, eating new food, and then branch out to other things. It may not be practical to do huge things like trave abroad or create a new product, but you can try out things like a new class or cook something new. Trying new things can really help you gain new perspectives on work, give you a shot of creativity, and refresh you, even when it’s a bit scary. 

4.       Become a leader

 It doesn’t really matter what your industry is, being a leader is always important, and you don’t have to become a manager if you don’t want to. Instead, you can start showing your leaderships by mentoring others, being supportive of your coworkers, and volunteering for an extra responsibility or two. Great leaders have great communication and problem-solving skills which are always worth practicing.  

5.       Save Money

Ok, it’s not exactly career related, but saving money is always a good idea, especially in this messy economy. Even if you can only set aside ten dollars a month for now, it’s better than nothing, and it sets you up to have good money habits. Building your savings into your overall financial plan also helps you better know what you need for your hourly wages or salary if you are negotiating for a raise or a new job.

6.       Improve your Education

 And no, you don’t necessarily have to pay for it! Thanks to things like YouTube, Open Library, and a zillion online classes, you can learn how to do all kinds of things without paying much or anything! And if you do want to go back to school, there are lots of ways to do that too, from getting funding and scholarships to a student loan. In any event, there’s really no excuse to not improve your education! 

7.       Build up Your Network


A final good goal is to build up your network. Having a solid contact list can help you achieve other goals such as promotions, new jobs, learning opportunities, volunteer work, or just people to bounce ideas around with. You can build up your network through things like events, social media, the workplace, schools, volunteer work, or even fun things like concerts, clubbing, dinners out, and coffee breaks. Talk to people! You never know who is around that can help you.

There are plenty of other goals you can work towards to help your career, but any of these seven can be started right away, don’t have to cost you anything but a bit of time and energy, and pay off in new skills, new people, and great opportunities. Good luck in the last two months of 2022!

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