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Happy First Day of School!

You’re all safe from Drag Queens and interviews.

For now.

It’s the day after Labor Day and for many people across Canada, that means it’s the first day of school. I sent my son off just a few minutes ago (he takes the city bus to get to his high school) and it’s hard to believe he is in Grade 8 already. I’m actually in denial about it because when I went to Grade 8, I still went to middle school, so Grade 8 isn’t high school and thus I do not have a high school student yet, phew.

Leave me to my denial.

But my eldest son, no matter how awesome he is, isn’t what I wanted to talk about. What we are going to talk a little about today is adults going back to school.

My husband returned to school, going to university, back in 2015. He quit his job a few months before the semester started, and off he went. He was pretty terrified to apply and really nervous on the first day. And yes, he was one of the older students in his cohort which made him feel a little weird. But he got into the groove of it, got his BA and is vaguely working on his MA around his job, which is doing what he loves with a company he likes. So it all worked out (though we will be paying off student loans until we are in our mid-forties I’m sure).

Contrast this with me: I went to university straight out of high school waaaayyyy back in 2004. (Shut up). I was a wide-eyed, idiot of an eighteen year old who made a lot of mistakes and probably didn’t apply myself nearly as much as I should have.

So what does this all have to do with you?

If you’re thinking about going back to school, but you’re afraid you’re too old, consider the advantages:

  • Life experience that you can bring to the classroom and your homework
  • You’re probably more ‘steady’ and less likely to get distracted by drama and other things that take away from your ability to study
  • A more reliable housing situation (well hopefully) or at least more knowledge of how to get there and more resources
  • You probably know a lot better what you want to do with your school. My husband wanted to be an archaeologist, so that’s what he angled everything towards. When I was 18, I had no clue except that I wanted to study history. I oscillated between english and political science for the other half of my major for two and a half years, and I still feel like I may have made the wrong decision.
  • You’re hopefully more willing to ask for help when needed.

Adult learners mostly though bring a raft of life experience to the classroom which helps them learn the information with a more well-rounded view, be able to prioritize better, and likely have a more clear idea of what you want to get out of it in the end.

My husband rocked his BA because he was wiser, more experienced, and knew what he wanted. I did fine for my BA, but was not accepted into the Master’s program and honestly, probably didn’t take the most sensible degree. (though I loved it).

So, if you’re thinking about going back to school, considering this blog your Reason Why You Should. You have great life experiences, a story to tell, the ability to learn and apply it to something more tangible, and a drive to improve. And it doesn’t matter if you’re twenty five or seventy five: if you want to learn and improve yourself to find employment that does better for you, we want to hear from you!

Now excuse me while I go sulk over my oldest son going off to high school. At least the three year old isn’t going to school. (yet).

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