March 26-Covid 19 Update

Today, we saw a few pieces of news. President Trump is pushing to put a military presence on the border between Canada and the US to stop people from Canada from crossing to the US. Prime Minister Trudeau fought back against that, stating that it was unnecessary. President Trump wants to ‘open the country’ by […]

March 25-Covid 19 Update

Today was a busy day as a major bill passed the Canadian legislation to come to law as of today and BC passed more legislation designed to aid people in distress with their rent. Here’s what we are looking at for assistance: Canada Passes Relief Aid Bill Today, the parliament passed the bill that would […]

March 24-Covid 19 Update

It’s been a fairly quiet day as a small group from each of the Canadian political parties got together to debate the legislature being put forth to provide relief of $82 Billion to citizens and businesses. There is still some tweaking to be done, but the hope is that the package will be finalized shortly. […]

Breaking: BC Announces Relief Plan for Workers and Businesses

On March 23, 2020, the BC NDP government unveiled a five billion dollar relief plan aimed at both businesses and workers. Broken down, it gives 2.8 billion dollars in relief for residents and services and 2.2 billion for businesses. Supports include the following: Temporary emergency funding for childcare centres BC student loan payments are frozen […]

Covid-19, March 23 Update

Good afternoon everyone Not a lot to report, but here are the highlights: Over the weekend and as of today, there were three more deaths related to the illness and the number of cases in BC has reached 472 (as of ten am.). But 100 have recovered, so yay! In Canada, we have over 1,000 […]

Covid-19 Update: March 20, 2020

Good morning CVTC community! As you are aware, the campuses across British Columbia are halting face to face classes for a minimum of three weeks and this will be reassessed after that period of time to see new recommendations. The situation with the Covid-19 virus is continually changing and updating and we will be striving […]

Covid-19 Update

With the complex concerns around COVID-19 evolving quickly in British Columbia and around the world, it has become clear that we must all do our part to help. At Canadian Vocational Training Centre we are navigating this challenging time and wanted to give you an update on the actions we are taking to support our […]

Tools to Prevent Burnout in the Classroom

As adult learners, you have some unique challenges compared to children and teenagers going to school. These usually include things like family needs, working outside of the classroom, transportation, paying bills, and health issues. We see these played out regularly in and around the classroom in the form of burnout. Burnout is best defined as […]

Red Flags to Watch Out For in Job Postings

If a successful job search is one of your resolutions for 2020, then you’re far from alone! We have talked a lot over 2019 (and in previous years) about conducting good job searches, interview skills, and resume writing, but there is still an area where many job seekers fall apart and that’s not reading the […]

Getting Your Background Checked for Work

Background checks (the formal ones anyway) are usually the last stage in the hiring process for an employer, along with reference checking. When we think of background checks, we tend to think that they are used for things like government jobs, security, police, and anything where you may be working with money. However, many employers […]